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This page is the result of a query I posted to the ESRI-L and ArcView-L users list in March 1998.  From the onset of my career I ran into situations where the existing cartographic symbology was not adequate for particular projects.  The result was having to spend hours, days or in some cases weeks creating the the needed sets. After becoming active in the Users Groups I realized many of my colleagues faced the same obstacles. So with the very generous help of other users and the sponsorship of Spatial Online, I was able to create this resource. Enjoy, Brian Sheahan

This resource relies on the donation and generosity of users like YOU -- if you have a custom Symbol, Marker, Fill, Font, Icon or Color palette that is not listed please consider donating to the cause or at least sending a link so that it may be included.  

There have been over 150,000 hits on this page since its creation and I hope you find this resource as useful as others have. There will be some new links, updated links and formatting changes in the near future so please check back often. Enjoy!
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Symbols & Fonts
Traffic Control Symbols - This ArcView palette  contains road signs and traffic symbols for roadmaps and traffic control plans.  The set was generously created and donated by Alessandra Delfico.
UK Geological Symbol Sets

UK Geological Symbol Set - These marker and line sets for ArcInfo are generally superior to the sets currently available and are based upon the USGS Open-File Report 95-526, USGS OFR 95-526 cartographic specification. Generously donated by Dr. Ross Black and Dr. Doug Walker of the the University of Kansas Department of Geology funded by Dr. Frank Monastero Geothermal Program Office of the Navy, Ridgecrest, CA. 

NRCS Symbols Extension from the U.S. Natural Resource and Conservation Service (NRCS). This extension includes line and marker symbols for the Soil and Natural Resource mapping including the specific symbols for the SSURGO data (Almost 500 marker and line symbols!). The extension allows the user to change the color, size AND pattern of the symbol.  Instructions for installing are at this address: on your web site.  Instructions for installing are here.  Highly Recommended! A big thanks goes to Jill Schuler and Jennifer Hayward.
Here is a set of GIF's and an AV palette  from a county parks map contributed by Dan Seidensticker with the Madison Area MPO.
(32 kb)
Here's the default palette with a couple of new line styles to show the edges of bluffs/cliffs as shown below. They were created using V_EDIT by Bob Plummer of Smart Map Services, Thanks Bob. As with all symbols and resources on this page, use at your own risk.

__|__ __|__

| | | 
Geology Shade Set
Here are two Geology Shade Sets donated by Chuck Caruthers (rock.shd) and Ralph Haugerud (ijp2500.shd). Chuck indicates that fnt035 may be needed. 

Note from Site Caretaker:  Caution should be used whenever installing or modifying ESRI AI .fnt files. ALWAYS back the original file up before installing the new one!

Tree.avp is a ArcView palette with 12 tree symbols. The symbols allow the end user to change both foreground and background colors, rather than have only black. However the file is quite large and takes a bit of time to load. Thanks to Robert Plummer of Smart map Services.
Recreational Symbols: A Windows format TrueType symbol font of a wide variety of recreational symbols. These were created by our graphics department for placement onto park, trail, WMA, and other maps created for the department. This TrueType font can be converted to markers and used for point classification. The recreate.ttf file is great for symbolizing point data sets. To do this you need to convert the font to a marker set using the CREATE MARKERS button in the Text Palette window of the symbol Palette. You can open the symbol Palette using the WINDOW: Show Symbol Window option. Then you can use them to symbolize the point using the legend editor and classification and symbolization windows. Updated in 2000.
Symbol Set
National Parks Service Symbol Set. Thanks to the generosity of the U.S. National Parks Service, WV, Avenza Software Marketing Inc. was provided with a public domain Adobe Illustrator file (PrksStandard) containing the symbols and pictographs that are used in the creation of National Parks Service maps. The file contains both a Mac font and a TTF font. Copyright © 1997 Avenza Systems Inc. from Avenza Software Marketing Inc.
The Geologic Survey of Canada Symbol Set includes shade, line, and marker sets and the necessary fonts. Also included are AML's for plotting the symbol sets. They go some way toward explaining the various symbols, but one might want to refer to the legend on a published GSC map for clarification. Thanks to Doug Hrynyk for convincing GSC to distribute this set.
A highway symbol creator written in Avenue as an extension for ArcView.  The  extension creates four different black and white road symbols and populates them with values read from a database.  The zip file has minimal documentation, the extension and a true-type font. 
The Symbol Sets & Extension above were created by: 
Tim Loesch, GIS Applications Programmer, MIS Bureau, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
An A/I marker set for state highways. The zip files contains an A/I export file, font, and descriptive text file.  Thanks to  Eric P. Coumou for the set.
ARTIST (810 colors) and SELECT - (Subset of Artist) 
SHADEREL - for shaded relief w/40 color variations 
The scripts used to generate this set were based on those distributed with ArcView. The main user work involved was simply choosing appropriate R-G-B values to create the desired colors. These palettes were originally developed for the Vermont Agency of Transportation. These palettes were created using scripts distributed with ArcView. The color values were developed for use with the HP750C+ plotter.  They have also been used on an Epson Stylus Color 3000. These Shade Sets were created by  Jim Mossman
Military ID
Military Symbol Fonts The Military font has soldier/equipment shapes from middle ages to modern. The Military ID font has graphic control symbols for unit types, size, some weapon and vehicle symbols, and some aircraft fuselage nationality markings. These True Type Fonts were found in the CompuServe Military Forum Library. Source: The S2 Company
Mil fonts
ESRI has provided thisMilitary True Type Font set along with a guide to produce markers from the fonts included with the font set or as a stand alone pdf document. 
1. Section
2. Unit larger than a section or squad but smaller than a platoon
3. Platoon
4. Company
5. Battalion
6. Regiment
7. Brigade
8. Division
9. Corps
(54.3 KB) 
Merfont is a partially original True Type Font for Windows that includes over 50 different types of animals and dinosaurs.   The file includes meranimals.ttf, AnimalsReadme.txt, mersanimals.doc *. Thanks to Merideth for creating a great symbol font.  (*you'll need to install meranimals.tff in order to view this file.) 
(3121 Kb)
An extensive collection of recreational symbols, True Type fonts, and ArcInfo marker sets and graphic files.  Thanks goes to Tim Loesch, GIS Applications Programmer, MIS Bureau, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
Pantone shade set 952 symbols, created by Andy Bury / SCDNR-MRD (South Carolina) 
The original is called pantone.shd., For new arcpantone.shd, the first 8 symbols have been changed to match color.shd  (and white): 1 black, 2 red, 3 green, 4 blue, 5 cyan, 6 magenta, 7 yellow, 8 white.  Pantone.cmf is ascii colormap file for all 952 original symbols. Pantone32x26.gra is an ARC/INFO graphics file with all 952 symbols ready for plotting.

Links to Other Symbol Set Resources & Tools
ESRI ESRI ArcScripts is a repository for users to share their scripts and their work with others.  This includes many symbol sets and utilities.  ESRI does not provide technical support for any of these scripts, including the sample scripts provided by ESRI.
Arcview Symbol Dump - This ESRI Avenue script is very useful for deciding what symbology to use. The script dumps symbols from palette to layout. The link will take you to the ESRI ArcScripts Page.
Arc/INFO and ArcView Implementation of Color Standard from USGS - This Arc/INFO shadeset file and ArcView color palette are intended to replicate the USGS color standard put forth in OFR-99-430; however, errors in translation from the postscript standard to the Arc files is possible.  Shadecolor numbers in the Arc/INFO shadeset are designed to be identical to those on the USGS standard, with one exception. The USGS standard contains 1000 colors, while the Arc/INFO shadeset limit is 999 colors. The link leads to the Arc/INFO shadeset, the ArcView color palette, and .eps and .pdf representations of the Arc implementation of the shadeset generated using the ArcPlot symboldump command. The set was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Custom Line Symbol and Color Tools is an extension which allows you to create custom 1-part pen or 2 or 3 part compound line symbols and add the results to 
your ArcView palette. The dialog interface will allow you to access all of the line types ArcView supports. This is a long over due extension and is available on the ESRI ArcScripts Page.   Thanks to Chris Blakely.
AIshd 2 AVcolor ArcInfo shade set to Arcview color palette conversion script. You can use the following script to convert ArcInfo shade sets to ArcView fills.  The script was written and donated by Deborah Wilson.
BC Environment
British Columbia Ministry of the Environment, Lands, & Parks BC Environment has developed its own set of ARC/INFO and ArcView display symbology for all data that it uses. A set of utility scripts convert the ARC/INFO marker, line, and shade symbols into ArcView files to generate ArcView legends using lookup tables and symbol numbers consistent with ARC/INFO plotting.
    • Point (marker): bcenv.mrk
    • Polygon shade: bcenv.shd
    • TrueType marker symbology
    • Line (arc): bcenv.lin
    • Text symbology: bcenv.txt
BLM Bureau of Land Management Symbol Sets
Chris Smith has created a shade set for the land status colors used on the BLM 100K map series. This shade set is available for both ARC/INFO and ArcView. For ARC/INFO the tar files contain the shade set plus a text file containing the legend of the shade set.  The site also has ArcInfo and ArcView Symbol Sets. The BLM symbols from MOSS have been converted into ARC/INFO and ArcView format. This site also has good ArcInfo, ArcView tips. 
Mine Symbols
Abandoned Mine Land Symbol Set for ArcView
Another BLM ArcView symbol set has been developed for the Abandoned Mine Land program. Step by step instructions are available on how to use these symbols in ArcView. The tarred file contains three different files, one marker set (.avp), one ttf file, and a post script file of the symbols. Current date for theses symbols is 03/27/97.
Nunatsiaq Inuktitut and Cree Native American Fonts - This is an interesting language font.
Geology Font A True Type Geology Font is available from the British Columbia Geological Survey Branch.
Highway Symbols Highway symbols for WS, MN and many other states.  These symbols are TrueType Fonts that you load and use from your ArcView palette.  For each state I have Interstate, U.S. and State symbols in B&W and color.  Click on the link at left to see some examples.  These symbols are available from:  Carl Rosenquist
DDV Symbol Resource DejaData View Symbol Resources
  1. The "CHIPS" SET - Contains three color palettes
  2. Test palette for HP750 Plotters
  3. Highway Shield Sets for over 18 states
  4. National Recreation And Trail Signs Highway signs 
  5. Rectangular shapes that you can rotate.
  6. Character Symbols for Labeling 
  7. Hazardous Materials and NFPS GROUP of Symbol Sets

Please see the ArcScripts page for a much more extensive listing of these fonts.

DOS/Windows ZIP archive (919 kb)

Macintosh SEA archive (1.3 MB)

Geologic and topographic map patterns and textures for use in Adobe Illustrator, developed in the Central, Eastern, and Western Publications Groups of the Geologic Division of the U.S. Geological Survey. This collection consists of 550 patterns and variations of patterns grouped into 20 files. Check out for other great resources.
DOS/Windows ZIP archive (682 kb)   

Macintosh SEA archive (990 kb)

Digital files of geologic map symbols with cartographic specifications (28 files in Encapsulated Postscript format), by the U.S. Geological Survey. USGS Open-File Report 95-0526. Nearly 900 symbols used in geologic maps with cartographic specifications including size, line weights, color usage. Digital files to accompany USGS Open-File Report 95-0525, "Draft cartographic and digital standard for geologic map information" (printed report).Check out for other great resources.
International The international symbols set for ARC/INFO and ArcView has been newly created by Chris Smith. There are currently seventy symbols. This symbol set will be updated when more symbols are created. The international symbol set was update in 2003. The tarred file, for ARC/INFO, contains four different files, one marker set, two fonts, and a WordPerfect 5.1 document. The WordPerfect document contains the listing of what the international symbols are! 
RockWare, Inc RockWare, Inc. Offers  190 Geological Symbols and Graphics for MSDOS® and Macintosh® Drawing Applications.   Symbols included:  Map symbols, as used by the US and Canada geological surveys, Geological period,  Palaeontological, & Geological symbols 
MS-DOS, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows 
Prices($): List=75.00 Academic=75.00 Non-USA= 75.00 
Stuff for ArcView Users: Avenue Scripts, Extensions, and Other Goodies such as Arrowheads, an extension to create or edit a stipple-based Raster Fill or Basic Marker, Stippled Symbol Editor Extension, Vector Symbol Editor Extension and More. Thanks Goes to Mark Cederholm.
 Vedit and Stippler 

Rendered pretty much obsolete by ArcView 8, these utilities allow you to edit a pen, vector fill, or vector marker or add a new one and reate or edit a stipple-based Raster Fill or basic markers. Thanks Goes to Mark Cederholm of Pierson Publishing for continuing to publish these files.
EDTools EDTools extension allows you to create custom vector-based symbols. You can clear a palette, create your symbols, and then save it to an avp file. You can download the extension at: Alan Pierson of Pierson Publishing.
This is a script that you associate with a  button (included) that automatically adds a pretty nice arrowhead polygon to a selected line or polyline (sorry, only one style available). Works in both layouts and views. Includes code, instructions, and icon. Thanks Goes to Mark Cederholm  of Pierson Publishing.
SWEGIS SWEGIS is a company that develops and sells GIS software. Most of these are in some way ArcView GIS or MapInfo related. They offer a dozen or so ArcView utilities.
Dept. of 
Natural Resources
Roadway Symbology Extension Current Version 1.0
This little beauty does a great job of doing roadway symbols in Arc/View. It supports the automatic generation of four types of road symbols and works off a roads database. This extension includes a true-type font of 118 recreation symbols commonly used on map products. You can place these symbols as points or using leader lines.
Symbolizer Symbolizer Extension
Allows you to create line and polygon symbols and composite symbols and add them to the Symbol Window, legends, and graphics. Allows you to create 24 bit (RGB) colors and add them to the Symbol Window. Manufacturer: Flat World Technologies Features and Benefits: 
  1. Create line symbols including arrow, dash, dash-dot, diamond, hash mark, hollow, marker, normal, scalloped, scrub, slant, vertex marker, and zigzag lines.
  2. Create polygon symbols including crosshatch, dot, dot density, empty, hatch, random dot, rectangle, solid, and stippled fill patterns.
  3. Composite line or polygon symbols together to make more complex symbology.
  4. Use line symbols to outline your polygons.
  5. Add RGB colors to ArcView's symbol window.
  6. Apply symbols to legends, graphics, or ArcView's symbol window.
Recreation Symbol Extension Recreation Symbol Extension
Timothy N. Loesch has created a new extension that allows users to place a variety of recreation symbols onto a View or Layout document in ArcView.  Thanks Tim.
Roadway Symbol Extension
Timothy N. Loesch has created a new extension that allows users to place a variety of roadway symbols onto a View or Layout document in ArcView. You can find it at You will need to navigate to the Extensions page to get to it. Thanks Tim.
Links to extensions, symbols, geographic data and other products for use primarily with ArcView.
County, FL
A few useful utilities and links.  A pretty good GIS page also Seminole County, FL
Status_ai Custom Shade sets for ARC/INFO and ArcView
Chris Smith has created a shade set for the land status colors used on the BLM 100K map series. This shade set is available for both ARC/INFO and ArcView. For ARC/INFO the tar files contain the shade set plus a text file containing the legend of the shade set. 
rsstatusline Custom Line Sets for ARC/INFO
Chris Smith has created a line set for the BLM 100K map series. Extra special is line number ten, which is a fence line. Sorry, this line set is only available in ARC/INFO. 
Buildings Building Maker Symbols -  Data deja View presents a palette of building shapes as BASIC MARKERS (that means you can rotate them). And if the various included shapes aren't enough, put together some of the rectangles to get what you need! Thanks to Jim Mossman
AVArrows Coulter Mapping Solutions, Inc. has developed an ArcView extension called AVArrows and was developed as an alternative to the ESRI arrows line symbol in ArcView. AVArrows comes standard with 2 arrow head styles: a thin single line for flow visualization with minimal obstruction of surrounding features; or a bold polygon arrowhead for maximum impact.  This 30 day Shareware trial and an individual copy can be purchased for only $10. 
Xtools This is not really symbols related except that it will convert graphics to shapes and vice versa. However, it is likely THE most successful extension ever developed outside of ESRI and it deserves mention.  A BIG thanks to Mike DeLaune

ICONS For ArcInfo and ArcView
Icon Mgr EZ Icon Manager for ArcView  which allows the user to add new icons and delete unwanted icons. Version 1.02 allows for the deletion of multiple icons at once.
Web Clipart This is a directory of over 700 clipart and icon sites.  Before you go make that symbol, check out this site the symbol is probably here.
VL Images and Icons Another listing of clipart and icon websites.  This one is mostly geared toward web design but still has some useful stuff.
Media Builder Some good icon links and pretty good font library with free ttf fonts.


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